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The American University of Peking is a sister institute of the American University of Prague. Moreover, until we physically establish legal residence and classroom space in Peking all prospective students from the Peking area will be provided with a free round trip economy class air ticket from Peking to Prague in order to attend graduate school classes at our main facility in Prague.

The purpose of Peking Humanities Institute (PHI) is to provide an "interdisciplinary studies education" within today's global world. In this light, Peking Humanities Institute (PHI) is dedicated to creating and "integrating" human knowledge in the areas of interdisciplinary philosophy, psychology, religion and English-literature studies which goes beyond the confines of "traditional" academic disciplines. Hence, the "Institute of Philosophy" in its M.A., and Ph.D., programs of study is on the very "cutting edge" of higher education within the academic community. Moreover, Peking Humanities Institute (PHI) is a response to today's growing global need to "synthesize" the fragmentary aspects of human knowledge and culture into a meaningful whole. As you briefly review the Peking Humanities Institute (PHI) course catalog, you will discover an institute that advances its mission by offering courses that are on the very "frontier of knowledge" and which are taught by professional faculty members who are scholars in their fields of study and who have a genuine and sincere interest in students. Thus, for an institute that can help you prepare for today's global world and its future, we welcome you to explore Peking Humanities Institute (PHI) , in partnership with the American University of Prague.

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